Three leading CX expert’s free insight on tomorrow’s CX strategy

Find CX inertia with a three-prong success plan

Your reality is tough! Understand and accommodate messy end-to-end customer journeys that cross channels and devices, when the bulk—if not all—of their interactions happen before they initiate contact with an agent.

Delivering on customer expectations for effortless, personalized, fast CX at every touchpoint is critical: 35% of customers will walk away if you can’t.

With help from industry experts, navigate and understand your customer’s needs, and understand what your CX strategy needs to survive and thrive.

With expert help, embrace today’s reality:

  • The 7 common sense customer expectations you need to know
  • Understand the impact of increasingly digital customers with Jeannie Walters, CEO of Experience Investigators
  • Uncover emerging trends like phygital-experience, or hybrid physical and digital experience, with Jo Boswell, founder of Sentio-B consultancy
  • Hone in on the contact center’s role in enabling web search and self-service with Charlene Li, founding analyst of Altimeter
  • Incorporate three asepcts to succeed in today—and tomorrow’s—new reality
Digital-first customers aren’t digital only
Building lasting customer relationships in a digital-first world requires understanding and transforming their experience across the entire customer journey, not just service touchpoints. Unifying the experience across digital and phygital, or phygital, is key.
In this eBook, three experts will help navigate your reality:
  • Jeannie Walters, CEO of Experience Investigators, is the contact center strategy coach you’ve always wanted, she’s helped everyone from Verizon and OrangeTheory to Allstate Insurance.
  • Jo Boswell, founder of Sentio-B consultancy, has been at the forefront of CX from her 27-years leading the integration of physical and digital CX at British Airways to the global consultancy she founded to share her expertise.
  • Charlene Li, author and founding analyst of Altimeter, has literally written the book on transforming CX. Between speaking and press engagements on the topics, she’s an analyst supporting companies on disruption and digital transformation initiatives.