Meaningful Agent Training for Meaningful Customer Experiences

Presented by: Lauren Comer, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at NICE

You already know that when agents struggle with complex service issues both they and your customers become frustrated. Often, the hurdle in resolving the issue isn’t due to the customer request, but rather your agent training.

That’s why contact center leaders find this virtual workshop so helpful. Watch it and get tips to maximize training time and strengthen your team. You’ll learn how to:

  • Speed up onboarding time
  • Develop high-value agent skills
  • Teach problem solving to resolve complex customer issues
  • Close agent skill gaps
  • Improve resolution rates
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Plus, find more great tips for creating the right high-impact training for your contact center.

Lauren Comer
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Lauren is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with NICE, focusing on Workforce Optimization. Prior to her role in marketing, Lauren spent time with NICE in Sales Engineering and Business Consulting. She previously led customer service and sales teams at Monsanto and Bank of America, gaining real-world contact center insights and perspective on how NICE CXone can help organizations create meaningful customer experiences.