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Unlock this OnDemand panel discussion and gain access to additional AI resources

“Chatbot,” “artificial intelligence” and “virtual assistant” have been buzzwords in the contact center industry for some time. And for good reason: those channels and tools can provide customers the intelligent “always-on” service they want; relieve agents of repetitive, tedious tasks; and empower managers to deal with interaction volume swings quickly and easily without hiring new agents. Yet only 16% of consumers are satisfied with their interactions with bots.

In this OnDemand panel discussion, you will learn how to make your chatbot a success with real live use cases and more!

What you can expect

  • Gain insights into the latest data and research on chatbots – and their use in contact centers
  • Get tips and best practices to make your chatbot successful
  • Examine best use cases for quick wins that’ll help you “speak chatbot” like a pro
Customers and experts reveal the secret sauce. Discover what it takes to make your chatbot a success – from tips and best practices to insights and data. Our industry leaders will dive into why 40% of contact centers are investing in customer-facing AI this year – and why you and your customers don’t want to miss out on power of chatbots.
Mike Bowman
Director of Servicing Operations

Mike has successfully managed contact centers for over 20 years. His specialty is designing and implementing operational plans for contact centers experiencing rapid growth, but his in-depth expertise of contact center management and improvement is diverse. He keeps pace with innovation by using automation tools to increase productivity, automate routine tasks and optimize self-service. He recently created a cloud-based omnichannel experience that has improved employee experience and customer satisfaction scores.
Beth Carty
Vice President, IIS Project Management Office
LPL Financial

Beth has over 25 years of experience in product development and management across a number of industries, including manufacturing, foodservice, non-profit and financial services. She currently manages the design and development of a digital tool set focused on improving our customers’ digital self-service capabilities to deliver a world-class customer experience.
Jan Warmlind
Director Business Development

Jan has been working in the Customer Experience industry for almost 30 years. He is helping our large customers to develop and deliver a great digital experience. Jan also worked 10 years as the Head of Customer Service at H&M, running 8 sites around the Globe giving him a good insight in to the operational parts of Customer Service.