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Understanding CX Experience (CX) Maturity
Key to Exceptional CX

It’s one thing to have a big vision; it’s another to execute on it. That’s why understanding your company’s level of CX maturity is key to delivering exceptional CX. It doesn’t have to be daunting: This CX maturity framework includes a five-stage model to get you started. From assessing your company’s current CX maturity to calculating and elevating the experience it can provide, these tools will put you on the road to an integrated people/process/technology strategy for your CX —and to building standout CX by closing the gaps with incremental improvements.

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62% of companies see contact
centre CX as a competitive differentiator.
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89% expect to compete
mainly on CX in 2019.
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Customer Champion tops
the 5 phases of CX maturity
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