CX mega trends for 2021

If your customers are living digitally (and they are), meeting them where they are is a must. Digital-first customer engagement is one of the leading mega trends for 2021. What does moving to digital really mean for your contact centre? How are leading organisations accelerating the move to cloud?

Hear first-hand from Steve Morrell, Principal Analyst, Contact Babel, as he discusses the key findings from the recently launched UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide 2020-21. And look forward to insights from Gregg Widdowson, Director of Sales Engineering EMEA, during this can’t-miss webinar.

What you can expect

  • How digital mega trends will impact contact centres
  • What technology has the greatest impact on CX
  • How and why companies are accelerating the transition to cloud
  • Why cloud plays a key role in managing a remote workforce
  • What moving to digital really means and how to get started


Steve Morrell – Principal Analyst, Contact Babel

Gregg Widdowson – Director, Sales Engineering, NICE inContact