72% of contact centre agents say they need better training to do their jobs well.

That statistic isn’t surprising considering 9% of contact centres don’t have formal training programs, and supervisors report having only 7% of their time available for training and coaching.

To help combat these issues, we partnered with the experts at Harrington Consulting to create useful pre-written agent and supervisor training bundles that you can use to level-up your employee’s skills today. Each training bundle includes trainer presentation slides with built-in scripts, and a participant workbook.

Download now to access these ready-to-train programs:

  • Agent soft skill training on empathy
  • Supervisor training on how to lead successful coaching conversations
  • And a supervisor training on how to manage a remote workforce successfully
Inside the Training
This agent and supervisor contact centre training bundle will help you train new hires and bring existing skill sets up to speed in no time. The package includes three different training programs, each containing a participant workbook and slide presentations with scripts that will immediately benefit agents and supervisors. Your customers will see the spillover benefits!